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When your Gainesville, Florida home starts generating solar energy, you'll see immediate savings on your electric bills, and significantly reduce your carbon footprint using clean, renewable energy from the sun.

Why Florida Homeowners across the Gainesville area are Going Solar

  • Own your electricity instead of renting it. You own your home; why do you rent your electricity?
  • Protect yourself against rising electricity bills with solar panels 
  • Add significant resale value to your home with a solar energy system Zillow - Homes with solar sell for 4.1% more!
  • Earn a safe and solid return on your solar system investment with upside potential
  • Make an environmental statement to your community and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce our country's dependence on foreign fuels

How much does a Residential Solar Energy System Cost in Florida?

The example solar energy electric systems below are based on receiving the federal solar tax credit (Investment Tax Credit). 

10,000 Watt System*:

  • Total system cost: $29,000
  • 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit: $8,700
  • Out of pocket system cost: $21,460
  • Monthly utility bill savings: $167 (on Gainesville Regional Utilities)
  • Taxable equivalent annual return: 14.4%

5,000 Watt System*:

  • Total system cost: $15,500
  • 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit: $4,650
  • Net system cost: $11,470
  • Monthly utility bill savings: $100 (on Gainesville Regional Utilities)
  • Annual return on investment: 13.4%


* These values are for a typical roof mounted solar panel electric system installation performing at 85% site efficiency. Price includes equipment (solar panels, inverters, etc), solar installation, permits, and a web-based solar monitoring system. Electricity prices are based on current rates for Gainesville Regional Utility customers. Return on investment calculations are based on an assumed 30% federal investment tax credit, a 25% federal tax bracket and a 3.4% annual inflation rate for electricity prices and are for illustrative purposes only. We recommend that any financial calculations be reviewed by a qualified accountant or financial adviser.

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  • I was interested in going solar primarily to do my part to lessen global warming. I met with Solar Impact at the home show in the O'dome, and they got right back to me, unlike a couple of other companies I had talked to.

    Neil White, Gainesville
  • We not only called Solar Impact, but we spoke to other companies as well and felt very comfortable choosing Solar Impact. They kept us informed all the way regarding the rebate data, filing, etc. and took care of that for us.

    Betty Southard, Gainesville
  • My initial interest in solar electricity was based on environmental reasons but it had to make financial sense. Barry and Elaine Jacobson of Solar Impact shared both those concerns. I have purchased 11 systems from them and am happy with each.

    Ken McGurn, Gainesville
  • We have friends who had a terrible experience with another solar company in Gainesville and were thrilled when we heard new people were entering the market. We knew two families who had had good experiences with Barry and Solar Impact and so we felt confident going forward.

    Jay Whitehead and Dr. Jean Cook, Gainesville
  • I went solar for the first time 30 years ago with a solar water heater, and have been a proponent ever since.

    Norma Weseman, Gainesville
  • Solar Impact was very responsive in getting technical and financial information to me before I made the decision to put Solar PV on my roof. I'm pleased with the way the solar PV system and monitoring system is working and how Solar Impact responds to my many questions for information.

    Keith Hostetler, Gainesville
  • Solar Impact's service is excellent. They went above and beyond normal customer care before, during, and after our installation. Before we started with the project they explained both the technical and financial aspects very well which helped us make good and informed decisions.

    Alex and Nadia Angerhofer, Gainesville
  • We love our solar panels. We have saved a lot of money on our electric bill. Our neighbors with the same size home spend between 300 and 400 dollars a month on electric. We spend about 100 a month while using the AC and/or heat. Our Oct.

    Jane and Ray Rauscher, Bell
  • We were interested in solar as a renewable source for electricity that would be there if the power lines were down. Solar Impact answered all of our questions, had great references and offered to do our project at a great price.

    Jay and Janie Hutto, Gainesville
  • The motivation to install solar came from looking at what I could do to help solve the looming problems of humans consuming nonrenewable fossil fuel at increasing rates. There is a need to switch over to alternatives before we use up all the easily available fossil fuels.

    Richard Mankin and Tina Komaneicka, Gainesville
  • I chose Solar Impact because of the excellent recommendations given to me by people I know and trust. Solar Impact responded to my initial inquiry with enough financial and technical information for me to make an informed decision.

    Dr. Richard Kilmer, Gainesville
  • Our decision to use Solar Impact was based on their professionalism, assistance, information available, and price. Solar Impact answered any and all questions we had before, during, and after the installation of our system. Our questions were answered in detail and were easy to understand.

    Dr. Irvin N. Gleim, Gainesville
  • Solar Impact recently completed a 10KW installation on my roof. I first learned about the homeowner benefits of solar energy systems from Don Ryan at the Gainesville Home Show. Don and Barry know their stuff – they answered all of my questions thoroughly,

    Bill Pokorny, Gainesville
  • Solar Impact provided outstanding service through all phases of 'going solar'. This included administering my application to the GRU Feed In Tariff, securing approval for the system, and getting installed and on-line to meet important deadlines.

    Martin Gold, Gainesville