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June 4, 2021

There are a lot of advantages to building a modern, efficient, and “green” home. Pairing efficient design with the latest technology available like energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, and battery storage can reduce your energy bill significantly or entirely (if you go solar).

Factors to Consider When Building a House with Solar

There are several considerations that should be taken when adding solar to your new home. Here are the four main principles to keep in mind when building a house with solar:

1.     The Roof

Southern facing is best. Your best bet is a roof that has a large, uninterrupted surface facing south. However, the panels can face East and West as well and not see a significant loss in power production. 

2.     Trees

Shade on panels means lower site efficiency. When deciding where you want to put solar panels on your home it is best to avoid putting any trees on the solar side. Planting a large tree in front of your solar array will mean shadowed solar panels in a few years.

3.     Roof material

Solar Impact can install solar on virtually any type of metal or shingle roof, with the exception of clay/concrete roof tiles. You’ll want to consider choosing a roof type that will last as long as your solar PV system. Standing seam metal roofs are best because they have the longest life span and it’s the only type of residential roofing material, we can attach solar panels to without having to make any roof penetrations. If you choose asphalt, we recommend architectural shingles. 

4.     House Electrical

A benefit of incorporating solar into your new construction is that often we will be able to integrate the wire or pipe run into your building. We will work with you and your contractor on the specifics to make sure you get a high-producing and aesthetically pleasing solar energy system.

Solar Impact's licensed electricians can run the wire and conduit while your walls are open and then as soon as you have a roof, our team of employee-owners will come out to install the solar PV system.

Design and Cost Estimate for Solar

To facilitate the design and a cost estimate for your solar system, we will need some information for your project:

·      Contractors phone number

·      Design/Architectural Drawings

·      Structural Information

·      Electrical Information

·      Building Timeline

 When building a house with solar, you want a roof that is unshaded and free of obstructions such as dormers, chimneys or vents; made of solar-friendly materials and ideally facing south.

Plan for Solar on your Dream Home Today With Solar Impact 

We hope this information will be useful while you work on building your dream home in North Central Florida. If you (or your contractor) have any questions about how to integrate solar into your plans, the Solar Impact team will be happy to assist you.

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