High Springs

Residents of High Springs, Florida love their charming small town full of antique shops, art galleries, and nearby parks, all centered around the natural springs of the area. This quiet town’s beauty pairs elegantly with solar installations designed which save energy, money, and reduce carbon emissions.

Florida homeowners Count on the Solar Impact Team

Our team at Solar impact is comprised of engineers, technicians and courteous customer service folks, who can get you started on the path to solar power. We’re ready to answer all your questions about solar panel installation, including identifying incentives and financing that can fit within most family budgets. The benefits are immediate once your system is installed: minimal power bills and clean abundant energy from the sun.

Home Battery Storage for Excess Solar Energy

Our very first Tesla Powerwall installation is located in High Springs, FL, where the homeowner will have continuous solar energy available from their pair of Tesla Powerwalls home battery storage during hurricane season and all year long. We’re proud to be the first Tesla Powerwall Certified installer in North Central Florida!

Worry-Free Solar Electric Power

Solar Impact customers in High Springs, FL feel good about adding solar to their homes and businesses. They cut their monthly energy bills dramatically while locking in the cost of home energy for the next 20 plus years. With fossil fuels subject to volatile markets, it’s great to be able to control energy costs for many years to come with solar panels on your home. High Springs companies can add to their bottom line when they invest in solar power to power their business.

What Do Our Customers Say?

The Solar Impact team is committed to the highest level of customer service, professionalism, and quality in all our solar installations. Though we’re a pretty humble group, we do recognize how important our customers’ generous testimonials about our service are. It’s no wonder we’ve installed more solar photovoltaic installations in North Central Florida than any other solar company!

Start lowering your electricity bills, reducing your carbon footprint, and more. Contact us or call (352) 338-8221 to schedule a solar consultation for your home or business!

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