Solar Impact is proud to be made up of some of the most talented experts in solar power in Florida. Our team is skilled in the design and installation of solar electric systems.
Barry Jacobson, President of Solar Impact
Barry Jacobson

Barry has over 15-year designing and installing solar equipment. He has a PhD in Biological and Agricultural Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer. He is experienced in working with construction, electrical, and plumbing, in general, and solar power systems in particular.

Elaine Jacobson, Vice President of Solar Impact
Elaine Jacobson
Vice President

Elaine has a PhD in Food and Resource Economics. She is experienced in analyzing environmental and economic decision-making and in applying economics in traditional and non-traditional applications. She is a skilled communicator with 9 years of university-level teaching experience.

Richie Wilhoit, Project Manager of Solar Impact
Richie Wilhoit
Project Manager

Richie leads our installation team. He has a Masters of Science in Building Construction Management from the University of Florida. As a former US Army Captain and two-time combat veteran, Richie brings nearly 10 years of military planning and leadership experience to our team, ensuring that our jobs are completed on time and within budget.

Brian Leverette, Superintendent of Solar Impact
Brian Leverette

Our Superintendent, Brian Leverette, is also a two-time combat veteran, and brings 4 years of military experience, 3 years of low-voltage electrical expereience, and over 5 years of roofing expereience to the team.

Craig Shazer, Solar Technician for Solar Impact
Craig Shazer
Solar Technician

Our solar technician, Craig Shazer, grew up doing construction. He has over 25 years of construction experience, which includes over 3 years of solar and 14 years of roofing experience.

Mike Garrett, Director of Sales & Marketing for Solar Impact
Mike Garrett
Director of Sales & Marketing

Mike is in charge of developing commercial and residential opportunities for the growing demand in renewable energy and energy independence. Mike currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Solar Energy Industry Association.