Known for its beautiful city parks and green zones, Gainesville, Florida is centered around the vibrant campuses of University of Florida and Santa Fe College. Visitors and residents are enthralled by nature’s diversity at the Butterfly Rainforest housed at the Florida Museum of Natural History. With its youthful attitudes and outdoor spaces, it’s no wonder that residents are deciding to add solar power to their homes and businesses. Solar Impact is the top choice for solar panel installations in Gainesville and across North Central Florida.

Solar Expertise You Can Trust

Gainesville homeowners and businesses are looking for ways to save money, conserve energy, and help the environment. The Experts at Solar Impact have the experience and engineering know-how to show you just how affordable solar photovoltaic systems can be! Our solar experts can answer all of your questions about how solar can work for your home or business. Your home could be effortlessly harvesting the sun’s power every day while you relax in Depot Park or shop in beautiful downtown Gainesville.

Top Quality Solar Systems for Gainesville, FL

Once you decide to upgrade to solar energy, you can count on solar professionals to design, install, and connect your home solar PV array to meet your daily power requirements. And as a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, we can keep your power accessible with home battery storage when the grid goes down due to a hurricane or other event. Plus, with great tax incentives, affordable financing, and a 5-year warranty, you’ll be glad you selected Solar Impact.

Commercial Solar Enhances Gainesville Living

Solar Impact has been the preferred solar resource for commercial solar installations in Gainesville. You may have noted these large-scale solar panel arrays on the Gainesville Regional Airport, University of Florida, and Santa Fe College. All these local institutions have benefitted from clean energy savings!

Solar Impact: Your Trusted North Central Florida Solar Company

When it comes time to select your solar installation company, you can count on Solar Impact’s professional engineering, responsible workmanship, and courteous customer service. We’re proud of our reputation in the Gainesville, FL area and happy to share our customers’ testimonials with you.

Going solar helps you save money, conserve energy, and so much more. Contact us or call (352) 338-8221 to learn more about the benefits of solar!

Going solar in Gainesville is a great way to save energy, money, and keep our city a beautiful place to live.

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