solar install on gainesville regional airport.

Large-scale power users such as businesses, schools, and government agencies can take advantage of our expertise to transform rooftops and available open space into efficient, cost-saving, renewable energy power plants. Solar Impact has been helping businesses in our Northern Central Florida service area, which stretches to all compass points from our office in Gainesville, FL, including OcalaNewberryJonesville, High Springs, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Tallahassee areas.

Why Businesses Are Going Solar in Gainesville, Florida

  • Small business owners are often stuck in the middle between residential and large commercial companies and are paying some of the highest electricity rates in Florida
  • Business owners understand it is better to own versus rent- especially over the long run.
  • Solar panels add significant resale value to your business/property
  • Solar energy systems provide a safe and solid return on your investment with upside potential
  • Having a solar energy system makes an environmental statement to your clients and community
  • Show them what you are doing by placing a solar display in your lobby and market your “going solar” on your company website
  • Reduce our country's dependence on foreign fossil fuels

Cost Example For Typical Commercial Solar Systems

100,000 Watt System*

  • Monthly utility bill savings: $2,381
  • Annual return on investment: 21.4%
  • System cost after tax benefits: $133,980

25,000 Watt System*

  • System cost after tax benefits: $34,650
  • Monthly utility bill savings: $595
  • Annual return on investment: 20.7%


* These values are for a typical roof mounted solar electric system installation performing at 90% site efficiency. Price include equipment, installation, permits, and a web-based monitoring system. Electricity prices are based on current rates for Gainesville Regional Utility Customers. Return on investment calculations are based on an assumed 30% federal investment tax credit, a 28% federal tax bracket and a 4% annual inflation rate for electricity prices and are for illustrative purposes only. We recommend that any financial calculations be reviewed by a qualified accountant or financial adviser.

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