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December 13, 2019

Of all the federal government programs, there’s one that’s actually working -- the federal investment tax credit (ITC), also known as the solar tax credit, for solar electric systems. But it will begin sunsetting at the end of the year, go figure! Solar power has proven to be a job-creating engine, an economic driver for Florida communities and an effective response to the climate crisis.

How the ITC Has Helped American Jobs and Our Community

Still, a new sector, more than 250,000 Americans are employed in solar energy. This is more than double what it was just a decade ago. These jobs are great for our domestic workforce at all levels, in positions that can’t be sent offshore because they’re building clean energy projects in our communities across the state, like here in Gainesville, and the nation. These are jobs for all kinds of people: marketing, sales, design, customer service, warehouse, construction, accounting, IT and HR.

Beyond the growth in this job market, the solar energy industry is helping homeowners, businesses, farmers, ranchers save money and do their part in reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. A big driver of this American success story is federal support.

Our government has a long history of supporting industries deemed important. That’s why every year, more than $20 million a year goes to benefit coal, oil and gas corporations. Those incentives for carbon-based fuels roll along year after year, yet oddly, federal support for clean energy begins sunsetting this coming January 1 and ends entirely for homeowners in 2022.

How You Can Help Save The Solar Tax Credit

Currently, there is traction in Congress to extend the ITC. This policy has helped solar energy become one of America’s fastest-growing industries -- providing good jobs and strengthening communities and has created strong action against climate change.

Now is not the time to let the sun set on clean energy. Congress will be in a late-year frenzy to pass a bill to fund next year’s government. We could use your support to push Congress to continue a policy that’s actually working for the solar industry.

Help move solar forward and contact your Representative and Senators today to save the Federal Investment Tax Credit for Solar!

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