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March 26, 2020

As active members of our community, meeting people daily in their homes and at events is a part of what we do. We are concerned about the growing presence of COVID-19, as you are likely as well. We are following CDC guidelines as well as following local stay-at-home orders. These orders provide an exemption for construction that has been already commenced, so we continue to install solar while working diligently to prioritize safety for our employee-owners, our customers, and our community.

We will continue to update this page and our media channels as the situation evolves. 

We are taking the following steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep our employee-owners and community safe:

  • We instituted a work from home policy for all job roles that are able to be performed remotely.
  • We updated. our sick leave policy to encourage our employees to stay home when necessary.
  • Our installation crews are limited in the number of people and are staggered so they do not come in to contact with other staff.
  • All in-person group meetings are canceled.
  • We have temporarily closed our physical office and warehouse to the public and to limit staff. 

Even though our construction is done outside, we have taken the following steps to limit customer interaction and further reduce the spread of pathogens:

  • Our crews will be practicing social distancing by remaining six feet away for any required interactions with customers.
  • If an electrician needs to access space inside the home or building, they have been provided wipes to clean any surfaces they come in contact with before and after their work.
  • We are accommodating any customers who are displaying symptoms, in a higher risk population, or simply uncomfortable with crew members in their home or building by postponing any indoor installation work.
  • We are actively moving our consultation process to be contact-free. 

Community is important to us and we know many of you will be at home and wanting to connect. We are taking measures to have more of our interactions available online and have options for you to get in touch with us, ask questions, and participate in our community events digitally if you need to stay home. If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you either interact with us digitally or reschedule your at-home interactions with us.

In these unprecedented times, we are more grateful than ever for the support of our community and will continue to do what we can to support those around us. We're in this together.

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