Does it matter what type of roof I have?

Yes and no. Solar can be installed on all roof types, but there is a sliding scale of difficulty (and cost). Metal and shingle roofs are the easiest to install solar, while flat and clay tile roofs are more challenging. It is worth noting that we do not have to penetrate a Standing Seam Metal Roof, because our solar racking attaches directly to the metal seams of the roof.

Different roofing materials require different methodologies which can impact the installation costs of solar. We recommend never allowing amateurs or inexperienced contractors to penetrate a torchdown (membrane) or flat roof. Only experienced solar professionals should ever work with these difficult roofs.

If your roof will need to be replaced in the next ten years then we recommend that you replace it before having your solar PV system installed. Solar Impact is happy to provide recommendations for roofing contractors we have worked with and trust.